Marjay's Reading Blog


It has been another weekend of craft fairs!  We have found ourselves busier than expected in some ways.  The last two days were good, although having extra lights would have been helpful today.  Some of the crafters were incredible and expensive!  WOW!  Meanwhile, I was able to get some more Christmas gifts and I was really pleased.  I am hopeful I can finish up on Saturday, but we will see.  

One remarkable thing that happened today was when Gizzelda actually climbed on my shoulder and laid down for about 10 minutes.  I was shocked.  Gizzelda has never done that before.  She has been watching Yoshi and decided she could lay there too.  Another WOW.

We have snow falling, with an impact day today.  That means driving might get tricky with slipping and sliding.  Not that you could tell from the way people drive. I know a lot of us are used to driving in snow and might drive faster than the suggested speed, but WOW some people move right along.  

Katy Regnery sent me her newest book to read this week!  Kodiak Lumberjack was an awesome read with great characters.  Two people who have been held down all their life.  Both for things totally out of their control, and neither family realized what they were doing.  Two people who were willing to take a jump into the unknown and deserve every moment of happiness!  The accountant Soren and the influencer Nola were quality people that you hope and root for every step of the novel.  Katy’s newest book is part of the Odds Are Good standalone romance series.  Another WOW read from Katy Regnery called Kodiak Lumberjack.

Elise sent in an interview with Catherine Bybee and her newest book, The Whole Time.  This is a book I read a while ago and loved it.  The interview really highlights information about the main characters. (  As a wonderful WOW, we find out about the next book in the series, which I can’t wait to read!  

I would guess then it was a WOW week, but it wasn’t.  I am working on loving the WOW moments and letting the others go.  This week has been hard – really hard, but I guess this is life and sometimes it’s harder than other times.  Learning to let the WOWs help balance the yuck – My life lesson might be about learning to balance the highs and lows.