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When the Moon Turns Blue by Pamela Terry

When the Moon Turns Blue by Pamela Terry is a novel about an ice storm, death and a statue.  The story weaves those facts along with interesting characters and tells a timeless story about family, beliefs and fairness.  In Wesleyan, Georgia is an old southern town with its small town feel where gossip and innuendos rule.

Marietta’s husband Harry died.  During his funeral, Marietta was suddenly struck with a migraine and needed to leave immediately.  Her old estranged friend Butter recognized the symptoms and helped her escape and make it home safely.  The funeral continued without her, with her brother Mason and his wife Glinda overseeing the meal afterward.  This event is the start of the novel.

The novel is told in various voices of happenings over the next few days.  The ice storm forced people to take shelter with Marietta and as the story unfolds.  The characters with all their foibles help the story move on as various incidents happen.  It is a hopeful story about moving on while cherishing the past.  When the Moon Turns Blue by Pamela Terry is a good read.