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Damned If I Duke by Anna Bradley

Damned If I Duke by Anna Bradley was the second book in the Dropped Dead Dukes Series.  The novel focused on Prudence and Vincent.  Prudence’s father lost a bet with an amount of money that he could not afford, but being a man of his word, he sold everything to pay the price.  Vincent didn’t realize that the man he played cards with could not afford to lose money.  Once he realized he wanted to get the money back to Prudence’s father through her, but even the best of plans failed.  

However, what didn’t fail was that Vincent (even being a Duke) attracted his grandfather’s curiosity about Prudence.  The grandfather enjoyed meeting her and decided that they would suit and marry immediately.  Vincent can’t not do what his grandfather wants.  The problem is they don’t like each other.  Guns might have been involved and a sore butt.

What makes the story wonderful is how Vincent  and Prudence work through all the struggles in their first days of marriage.  There are jealous creatures, spiteful people and secrets to overcome.  Damned If I Duke is a fun read by Anna Bradley.